Why Would You Die

By Oladele O. Thomas

My Manager (Mr. Femi who God used to illuminate my path) and I, chose to disregard all fears and move headlong in God's direction. I ruminated over this message and gave it several thoughts. I thank God for leading me to do the bold plunge and trust Him for the happy ending of the album. God inspires my manager's heart toward helping me to achieve what God has inspired my heart to do. Thank you Jesus.

Why would you die? If you are going to be free from error, falsehood and deception in this age, we must earnestly pursue the scripture of truth. I pray that as we listen to this message album our hearts and lives will be transformed in the mighty name of Jesus Amen.

O Lord my God let the good effect of this album had the desired success
in the people's hearts and to have an intimate acquaintance with the mind of God revealed in them with noble thoughts fixed an excellent principle in people's hearts in Jesus' name Amen.